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Home Diagnosis is the first-ever television series about measured home performance and building science. Grace and Corbett Lunsford use performance testing tools like infrared thermal cameras, blower doors, pressure gauges, and contaminant sensors to diagnose homes with mystery problems across America. The show also features the #TinyLab, the world's highest performance tiny house on wheels, which toured 13,000 miles to 34 cities on the Proof Is Possible Tour in 2016-17.

Atlanta Homestead

The ‘perfect house’ character in Home Diagnosis Season 2 will be the high performance compound Grace and Corbett build from the ground up in Atlanta, GA. The first-ever TV series about building science gets deep into home building with this project.

In 2018, Grace and Corbett broke ground on a 3,000 square foot home in Atlanta, GA. It will meet all the targets for performance their family needs to feel healthy and happy- and it will be beautiful, of course. This build will be featured in each episode of Season 2 of Home Diagnosis, so stay tuned!

It features an all-in-one weather barrier skin, perfectly quiet and amazingly efficient HVAC and fresh air systems, boosted airtightness and insulation levels, safe and healthy paints and finishes, and a completely separated music and dance studio. Yes, it’s awesomely unusual.

A few of our favorite Product Partners are helping us make this home a finely-tuned instrument: