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Home Diagnosis is the first-ever television series about measured home performance and building science. Grace and Corbett Lunsford use performance testing tools like infrared thermal cameras, blower doors, pressure gauges, and contaminant sensors to diagnose homes with mystery problems across America. The show also features the #TinyLab, the world's highest performance tiny house on wheels, which toured 13,000 miles to 34 cities on the Proof Is Possible Tour in 2016-17.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes videos from the making of Home Diagnosis, the first-ever TV series about measured home performance and building science.

Shooting the NYC Episode with Minimal Crew

Corbett Lunsford

Corbett Lunsford shows off how fancy shmancy the set of the first ever TV show about home performance diagnostics is! Laugh with us, not at us- the big networks will be copycatting this show in no time. Building science, home performance, blower doors, and more will be on every television in America, and eventually the world.