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Home Diagnosis is the first-ever television series about measured home performance and building science. Grace and Corbett Lunsford use performance testing tools like infrared thermal cameras, blower doors, pressure gauges, and contaminant sensors to diagnose homes with mystery problems across America. The show also features the #TinyLab, the world's highest performance tiny house on wheels, which toured 13,000 miles to 34 cities on the Proof Is Possible Tour in 2016-17.

Episode 3

The world's highest performance tiny house on wheels next visits a 1960's home that's not what it seems. Mia has been told that her mind is playing tricks on her, or that she should wear a facemask, in response to her insistence that she can smell the attic or the crawlspace. Grace and Corbett do the scientific testing and find out for sure.

Episode 3: Rochester, NY
“To Flip or Flee?”

Grace and Corbett drive the #TinyLab a split-level ranch that hasn't been updated in decades. Ken is a retiree who's living alone now, and the house is just too big. His daughter thinks they could easily upgrade the performance to earn more when they sell- but they want hard facts, not just a hunch. Featuring local home performance contractor Jeff Flaherty of Wise Home Energy.

After 30 years in this split-level ranch, the Rochester, NY homeowner is ready to move on.  The home could use some updating but does that mean updating its systems as well as the kitchen? Corbett and Grace provide the testing needed to know if the owner should improve the home’s performance and appearance or save the effort and sell to the highest bidding flipper.