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Home Diagnosis is the first-ever television series about measured home performance and building science. Grace and Corbett Lunsford use performance testing tools like infrared thermal cameras, blower doors, pressure gauges, and contaminant sensors to diagnose homes with mystery problems across America. The show also features the #TinyLab, the world's highest performance tiny house on wheels, which toured 13,000 miles to 34 cities on the Proof Is Possible Tour in 2016-17.

Episode 6

The world's highest performance tiny house on wheels next visits a 1960's home that's not what it seems. Mia has been told that her mind is playing tricks on her, or that she should wear a facemask, in response to her insistence that she can smell the attic or the crawlspace. Grace and Corbett do the scientific testing and find out for sure.

Episode 6: Atlantic City, NJ
“Not Your Average Homeowner”

Grace and Corbett analyze the performance of the most complex house they've ever tested. It has eight aquariums, two sunspaces, an indoor pool, two crawlspaces, two basements, two garages, and an industrial heating and cooling system. And it all performs according to design (because of the magic ingredient- his name is Matt).

A homeowner with an engineering background has created a very complicated home.  Multi-leveled with a central aquarium system, extra attics, and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool located in a wet coastal environment, it’s difficult at first glance to know if this home may or may not be working.  Hosts Grace and Corbett try to put all the puzzle pieces together to create a clear picture of its performance.